Ninfeo di Bramate Teatro

- An outdoors theatre and park in Genazzano

The main space, open towards the valley, is the loggia and the main stage of the theatre along with the serlianas, formed by three bays separated by large pillars and enclosed between two exedras. Letting this part of the park with its existing structure become a place for creative expression.

A path through the park, through the trees and through the valley in which the ruins rest upon. To the existing historical structure we repeat the circular geometries and enhance them by adding an open roofing in order to shelter the main stage of this outdoor theatre. Five sky openings are given the roof, as a reflection of the five oculi piercing the arches. The old loggia is here set as the stage, a scene for performance and for everyday meandering.

The circular shape then continues as a seating area for the audience both inwards towards the main stage area and outwards outwards into the park.

The square volumes that rest on the south and north side of the main stage as well as the corridors and the nymphaeum will be given a semi transparent shell, to let daylight in as well as letting these volumes serve as light sculptures in the night.