Drip Drop Non Stop

PLX Tjärö 2023
Like the transparent willow leaves that make up the eel in its first stage of life, the viewers, brought together by the currents of life, become aware of their senses. The play between the most basic elements of our surroundings: light, water and sound is embodied by a recurring event, the dripping of water. A meditative state and a stillness, softly entwined under a water surface.

The drops are caught by a vessel which in turn emits a sound. A music of "drip drop" and resonance from the walls of the vessel is staged. Each drop breaks the surface and a swirling dance is reflected on a selected surface.

The water surface rests on a plastic canvas fabric, stretched on a wooden frame. This is where the spectacle begins, before the drop breaks free from the mass and begins its journey towards the sea, as single-minded as the eel on its journey towards the Sargasso Sea.

Documentation of project experiments.

Project made by Fanfaluca Collective.